Hello guys here is the latest collection of special DJ love lyrical WhatsApp status video which is having a tremendous features for this additing video which is having a fantabulous editing featured editing video with kinemaster application.


here is a procedure how to make this editing video by adding all the images and files for this effects and you need to use the transition effects for this editing radio which will helps to increase the special look to the video and it gives the attraction of the you had added the transition effects which are related to the video according to the lyrical video just add the the images so that it looks awesome in the editing video.

1) angel video link:- Download

2) background song link:- Download

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I had used the kinemaster application which is having a reminder features and having it is a new version if you want to get this application you just download from the description which I had provided in a link go through it and add the password and download it by using a simple technique that I had shown in the video how to download the video in my channel you just visit that it video and get a clarity of getting the kinemaster application.
now collect the kinemaster application and then you need to add the templates and all the files which are related to the video that will give their extraordinary look and having a special advantage of love lyrical video with greater transition effect that you need to download from the time master application itself that is having a most wanted editing featured with attractive look.

you need to add the templates and lyrical video which will give special attraction to the video and you need to add the song for this so that it is having a greater look before the video you need to add some BDO special effects.
it is related to the video which will give special attraction and will give the completeness to the video.
I hope all you guys love this editing videos start the setting video by using our guidelines.

3) Avee player template link:- Download


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