Hello guys here is a latest technology editing videos for WhatsApp status for love.

It is the best editing video for love couple which is having a greater effects and beautiful template for this editing video with all the special extraordinary editing features which I had used in the setting video for you.


You just make a follower of a procedure and get their trending result to the video and then upload to in the social media to get more grace.

Also, try Different style love lyrical editing, click here

1) background green screen video link:- Download
For creating this video firstly you need to use a kinemaster application which is having their better effects and their stylish effects and this will helps to export in a easy manner.

firstly you need to use the background image so that it will helps to drag more layers and helps to make the video into the clear clarity without any export problem.
And then you need to use the templates and all the effects firstly if you had any frames then add it from by using the tips which I had used discuss in the video.
and then you need to add the images of your own and your lovely couples which will bring see a beautiful moments in your life in the past.
And then at last you need to add the lyrical video which is helpful to fix it to the screen by using the blending option right here and if you want any adjustments of colours brightness or saturation and contrast you can adjust their and if you want to increase the volume of the lyrical video or want to decrease the volume of the lyrical video you just adjust in this editing video.
If you had any doubts regarding this editing video you just ask me I will definitely reply in comment section.

2) flower effect video link:- Download


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