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Create Festival Vibes Lyrical Editing Video || Special Bonaalu

Written by ssapptricks

If you want to create a new festival vibes editing video then download all the links given below and watch our video very clearly and later keep doing this video .

Balloons Lyrical Editing Video Click here

Most Important STEPS To Create This Festival Vibes Lyrical

Firstly use the kinemaster application .
Next add the template of Bonalu .
And later add the lighting effects of templates which makes the whole video fantabulously .
Later add the images of your own .
And next add the images of Bonalu to look the video very effectively and gracefully.

Next if you want some more effects then use the kinemaster effects which gives an amazing result to you .
Next add the song .
Make all the adjustments for good looking .

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Bonaalu girls link Click here

Bonaalu pot link Download

Goddess link Download

Lighting template Download

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