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How To Create Easily Girl Friend Attractive Superb Status Template

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Hello friends, this is an amazing Editing process to show your creativity and love with your friends and contacts.

I will show you how to create ina best Manner. I think you will deffenetly. We used some normal images for demo purposes. You can use your gallery images.

Check This Procedure

First you have keep in mind what are the required files. Once you get all files you can start the process very much happily.

Kinemaster app is very important, so install it from play store or download from Official website.

Background images,




If you upgrade to pro version you can use all features.

First download two links

1) background image link:- Download

2) lyrical video link:- Download

You can arrange background image of any images, border.

You can set Boy image as a foreground. This is manual work so you can update as a social media status.

3) starts video link:- Download

4) border image link:- Download


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