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How To Create Awesome Impress Girlfriend Lyrical Editing Status Video

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Hi friends if you want to create this video download all the links given below .

After downloading all the links once check whether it has a good clarity when you had added it.

You can try one more status Lyrical video, latest new Love Lyrical

Impress Girlfriend Lyrical Editing Video Creating Process

Impress your girlfriend and make them feel happy .
For creating this video mainly you need to watch our video very clearly and then edit this video by using our tips which we had shown in the video .


Use the kinemaster application , of you need this app then install from the link provided below .
Next select the ration and select the black background which gives a pleasant look to the video .
Next add the images of your girlfriend which will brings a smile and beautiful memories in the video .
Next add the template which will gives an excellent outlook of the video .

Next add the lyrical video which has a fantastic look and set to screen by using blending option .
If you need another effect which you got an idea in your mind then add it from the kinemaster application .
It has a beautiful effects which makes you stunning .
Next add the border image which has a marvellous look to the video .
After adding all those files make some adjustments to look the video formats excellently .


1) lyrical video link: Download

2) avee player template link:- Click here

3) border image link:- Download

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