Hello guys here is the another interesting video for WhatsApp status which is a a wishing your friends and family members a very happy Dasara by keeping this video in your WhatsApp status.


So start editing this video by following our tips and tricks which I had given in a clear cut idea of of adding the images and all the files in a correct position in the video.

Special love lyrical editing

Try to make as it is like our video by following our guidelines.

So that you will get an outstanding editing WhatsApp status video with perfect animated look for wishes occasional mood.


Wish them your friends and family members a very delightful Happy Dussehra by keeping this in your social media to make them happy and brightful future ahead.

So firstly use the kinemaster application which is very effective and having a lot of Editing options in this application which I had a latest version in my description download it and experience a good WhatsApp status video by using it this application.

You need to add the goddesses image after that had the Dussehra wishes text which will gives a perfect animated look to the video and this will give se completeness to the video after that you need to add the video off lyrics that is a lyrical video which it will gives a goddess meaning song which is very delightful and pleasant to listen.

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