Hi friends, if you are very sad because of you are a love failure then edit our video and keep your mind peace.

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How To Create Easily, Guide lines

Most of the people are very sad about this situation and keep all there feelings inside and making all the innocent things which they get a sympathy from your friends and relatives .

You are very strong person you don’t feel bad because they are very unlucky not have you in there ‘s life .
Feel better and express your sadness and make your face smile .
If you are very emotional then edit our videos and keep your mind in a pleasant manner .
Follow our channel for more interesting videos which will suits to your real life situations .
We are very glad to help you to edit this videos.

1) black screen layer link:- Download

2) avee player template link:- Download

3) lyrical video link:- Download

Use the kinemaster application , if you need this app then download from the link given below .
Next add the images of your own on the black background template which you will look amazing in the video .
Next add the lyrical video which makes you stunning and which will express your feels heartfully .
Use the music icon which we had provided the link is given below .
Make a perfect editing by using our channel which makes you stunning videos.
We are here to help you to make this videos with amazing creativity skills which we had shown in the video.
So once make a look of channel and see how we had edited you will feel better after seeing all these editing which we had posted in the YouTube channel .


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