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Love Status Lyrical Editing Status Video Template, Amazing Backgrouns

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Hi friends of you are in a deep love then create this fantastic love lyrical video for WhatsApp status edit with kinemaster application .

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Create This Bideo By Downloading All the Links in The Given Below

Express your inner feelings to your loved once by creating this video and get more live from your girlfriend .

For creating this amazing video use the kinemaster application in android mobile .

1) background image link:- Download

2) car PNG link:- Download

3) gates PNG link:- Download

Open this app add the background image which will helps to add more layers from this app .
Next add the images of your girlfriend which will brings a smile on there faces .
Next add the templates , which will gives a great look and get a better understanding of your love .
Next add the lyrical video by using the blending option which will brings a heartful feeling to make th m get impressed .

butterfly green screen video link:- Download

5) love particle video link:- Download

6) lyrical video link:- Download

Next add the border image from the downloads which will gives a good and perfect look to the video .
After adding all those files make an adjustments to look the video formats perfectly as you can .
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