Hi friends if you want to create this video then watch our video very clearly and later keep going on by following our guidelines .

Also, try this Lyrical Editing Video for new

Download all the links given below .
Next add the kinemaster application , if not in your mobile then install from the link given below.

How To Create This Video

Next add the images of your own .
And later add the template which makes the video very effectively .
Next add the lyrical video from the downloads .
Next add the lighting border which makes the video extraordinarily.

After adding all the links make some arrangements that is make some some adjustments that you had added all the Templates , lyrical video without any mistakes .
If you want to show your deep sadness then this video will helps you .
I hope all you guys loved this video .
So please do like , share and comment .
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1) lyrical video link:- Download

2) colourful video link:- Download


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