Hi friends if you are eagerly waiting to create this video it is very easy process and helps to learn for the beginners which this lyrical video will gives a good feeling to your loved ones by keeping them in this video.

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How To Create Perfect Editing Status

Before you are going to start the editing video you need to to download some files which I had provided in the link given below.
firstly you need to open the kinemaster application is not nearly mobile install from the link provided in the description.

1) background sky image link:- Download

2) background grass image link:- Download

3) water konda PNG link:- Download

4) boat PNG link:- Download

Next add the background image it will make helps to add the layers.
you need to add the templates and images of your girlfriend or boyfriend.
And at the lyrical video which is the most important thing in this editing video.
If you want express your feelings your loved ones in this is the best way to express your inner feelings and get your success from my side by using our channel is a guidelines for editing videos.
This is the best way and smart work ok to propose a girl or boy by using this editing videos.
I hope all you guys love this editing videos so far more details for our channel and followers in Instagram for a demo videos and don’t forget to follow us in Facebook.

5) lyrical video link:- Download

6) Avee player template link:- Download

7) Boder leaf image link:- Download


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