How to create Lyricals

Sad Emotional Lyrical Editing Video

Hi friends for creating this videos download all the links given below .

For better editing this video watch our video once and make a fantabulous editing video by your own.

Also, try new Template with flowers, click here

How To Create Easily

Make a marvellous video by following our guidelines for the interesting thing which we had used in the video .
Use the best app for editing named kinemaster application , of you want this app then download from the link given below .
Make a perfect editing which we had shown in the video .
make an adjustment to look the video very effectively and gracefully .
Next add the images of your own.
And next add the template which makes you feel good.

Next add the grass at the bottom .
It gives a fantastic effect to the video .
Later add the lyrical video set to screen by using blending option to make a marvellous editing video .
If you want to show your sadness to your loved once then edit this video .
If they are not interested in you like before they are behaving make this video to them and keep them in your status .
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So makes look of it .


1)grass png link:- Download

2) background template link:- Download

3) lyrical video link:- Download

4) colourful template link:- Download

5) border image link:- Download

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