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Hi, friends I hope all you guys are safe and secure with your health .Utilize this time and learn more things which you had a greatest things which will helps you in future without asking any help from others.

Army status Lyrical, click here

How To Create Easily

If you need anything from my side then I will teach how to edit this beautiful editing videos which I had posted in your tube . From my side I will help how to create this editing videos which will gives a lot of entertainment while you are creating this videos.


  1. lighting video link:- download

I am here to teach this videos which will changes your mood and keep you in the pleasant situation.
For creating this editing video you need to download all the links given below .
You need to download some basic levels which you need more important things in the video.
That is
1) kinemaster application
2) template
3) lyrical video
4) d j effect
5) border image

2) lyrical video link Download

After downloading all this files add step by step by following our tips which we had shown in the video . Before that watch our video clearly and later start editing by using our guidelines which we had shown in the video . Firstly select the ratio which we had selected . Next add DJ effect and set to screen by using our guidelines which we had added .
Next add the images of your own and set to screen after seeing this video you look amazingly . Next add the lyrical video which makes you stunning . If you need border image you can add .
But of you add that then the video will gives a fantastic look to the video .
After adding all the links given below make some adjustments to look the video formats perfectly .
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Iam trying very hard for you to create this stunning video .
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