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How To Create Bad Boy Visual Effect Lyrical Editing Status Video

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This is an another template which belongs to bad boy Lyrical Editing Video for all status. You can prepare for your friends and family. In this main page you will get process and template links. If you don’t know how To Create this creation, watch our Tutorial.

Love Lyrical Whatsapp status Lyrical Editing, check the process

How To Create Bad Boy Visual Effect Lyrical Editing Video

This is a manual Editing Status Video, you must have some required files, which are highly recommended.

background image link:- Download

2) bad boy text link:- Download

To create this demo bad boy Lyrical Editing Video, you have to download 6 files.

3) lyrical video link:- Download

4) particle video link:- Download

Background, Lyrical, particle, neon, border, etc files are very important. As well you must have kinemaster App.

5) neon video link:- Download

6) border image link:- Download

The whole process done by using kinemaster App.

Watch our tutorial for more information. Thank you friends.

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