Hello everyone welcome to my channel here is the video of love feeling editing video for WhatsApp status .

You will find a lot of editing videos according to the editing that had made by using the templates that will gives a good attraction to the video and will provides a lot of attraction.

Love failure love magnetic lyrical Editing, how to make this


I had used the templates and all the files in a character manner that will shows the perfect love feeling to the video on will gives a good endings to the video after you had exported into the gallery by clicking on the export option in the kinemaster application.

1) Neon video link:- Download

2) inta PNG link:- Download

3) black screen image link:- Download

Kinemaster application you can find a lot of options that will make the video into the trendy look and will gives a grateful effects to the video that by using the the get more option in the effects and were released and transition effects that will gives a greater look and will give se exact meaning to the video by adding the special effects to the video.

You can find a lot of creativity skills in this editing video that is very effective and will give their special effects to the video.
You need to add the templates and all the lyrical videos which I had used so far for this editing video that will gives a exact meaning and will give se grateful effects to the video.
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4) lyrics video link:- Download

5) butterfly video link:- Download

6) feel the music PNG link:- Download


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