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How To Create New Year Lyrical Editing Status Video

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Hi guys if you want to create this video then you need to download some basic files which you need to add for getting perfect outlook of the video .

Enjoy this new year by celebrating with your family members to get a tremendous year in your life .

How To Create Happy New Lyrical Editing Status Video

Next add the background then add the images of your own which gives a perfect editing video.

Leon background video link:- Download

2) bar video link:- Download

3) crackers video link:- Download

Next are the template which gives a special look to the video.

Next add the the new year text which gives a new year look to the video.
Next add the lyrical video which gives a perfect look to the video .

background effect video link:- Download

5) 2021 PNG link:- Download

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6) Happy New year PNG link:- Download

7) balloons PNG link:- Download

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