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Special Dasara Festival Lyrical Editing Status Video

Hi, friends I hope all you are very excited to see this beautiful festival editing video. If you need those files which I had used in the video.

Steps To Follow

Go and download immediately and start editing this video by using our steps which I had shown in the video .
For more information follow us in social media. If you need the demo videos which are showing in the video them go to discription and open our Instagram page link , there you see a lot of creativity videos which I had posted in the YouTube.

Te2: 1) background video link:- Download

2) Durga ji PNG link:- Download

For creating this video you need a keen observation which we had added the templates , images and beautiful motion poster at the beginning .
You need to add step by step which I had shown in the video .
Make a perfect editing video by using our guidelines which makes you feel delightful festival in your life and may God will gives a full joy and prosperous year .
For creating this video download the kinemaster application .
Next add the background image which makes the video formats perfectly .
Next add the images of your own and goddesses image which will gives a pleasant look to the video .
Next add the song which is related to goddesses .

Next add the colourful lights which will be very effective and very attractive .
After adding all those files add the text it will be looks effectively and gracefully .
Make some small adjustments to look the video formats perfectly .


3) vijaydashmi text link:- Download

4) Durga ji song link:- Download

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