How to create Lyricals

Sad Alone Feeling Lyrical Editing Status Video Template

Hi friends if you are really alone then edit our video and keep in your status and get an amazing result from your friends and girlfriend .

Most Wanted Process

Watch our video clearly and completely then start editing by using that tips which I had shown in the video .
Make a perfect editing video which makes your feelings in a correct manner.

Express your feelings to your loved once and say you are alone and really sad about your behaviour.
Use the kinemaster application , if not in your mobile install from the link given below .
Open the app and select the ratio which I had selected .
Next add the black background which will brings a lot of beautiful effects to the video .
Next add the template which it has a glass effect frame that looks awesome.
Next add the images of your own in that glass frame and set to screen. .
Crop the image which you had added .
Next add the text named alone that will gives a pleasant look to the video .
Next add the lyrical video which will gives a real alone feeling in to the video .
After adding all those files once recheck all that you had added all the files in the correct position and in a perfect editing video .
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1) background frame image link:- Download

2) Alone Text link:- Download

3) icon PNG link:- Download

4) lyrical video link:- Download

5) avee player template link:- Download

6) border image link:- Download

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