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Hi friends if you want to create this video download the links given below.

And add step by step by following our guidelines.

Create a lion King Whatsapp status Lyrical video click here


For creating this video mainly use the kinemaster application .
Next add the template and set to screen well.
Next add the images of your own and the image is in the PNG form so that the video looks good while playing .
Next add the lyrical video and use the blending option and select the screen .
Next add the border image which looks like amazing.

After adding all the files make some adjustments to look the whole video marvellously .
If you want to impress your girlfriend then this video will be good .
Create this video by adding your girlfriend photos and dedicate to your girlfriend , she feels happy and emotional .
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1) background template link:- Download

2) photo frame link:- Download

3) charging icon image link:- Download

4) lyrical video link:- Download

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