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New Free Fire Editing Video For WhatsApp Status, Really Fantastic

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Hi friends if you want this type of beautiful effect what’s app status video edit with kinemaster application .

If you want this video then watch our video completely so that you can edit this video easily.

1) background fire effect video link:- Download

You can get more interest while creating this video .

Make a perfect editing video by using our tips which I had shown in the video.
Get an amazing video which I had created .
Use the
a) template
Which I had added it is the fantabulous option which has a great effect to the video .

B) lion PNG link:- Download

b) add the images of your favourite stars which has a tramendous poses which all you like .
c) next add the song of your favourite star which you will like it .
d) next add the square , triangle , rectangle and some effects which I had added in the video .

3) Red line image link:- Download

Add all those files which has a tramendous effects to the video .
Next add the text which you want to type your favourite star names .
Next add the smoke effect which you will like the most in this editing video .
Add step by step by using our tips which willchange your mood .

smoke effect video link:- Download

Make a perfect editing video which all you like .
I hope all you guys learnt how to edit this video .
So for more interesting videos follow us in social media and get a perfect editing video which you like it .
Express your love on your favourite star which will change all your mood .


5) background song video link:- Download

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