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Broken Status Special Attitude Editing For WhatsApp Status

Hi guys if you want to create a new trendy attitude editing video for WhatsApp status then follow our channel to get more editing videos which makes you feel stunning and very joyful after you had visited our channel.

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How To Create Broken Status Editing, Special Editing Using Alight Motion App

So without any delay start editing this video by using our guidelines.
For this creation of the video you need the kinemaster application.
open the application and select the ratio which I had selected in the video.
Next add the the background image which helps to add the layers step by step as I shown in the video.
Next add the templates images on all the files which I had provided in a link given below.

Next add the special effects to the video which gives a trendy look and they fantastic effects to the video. All materials:- Download

After adding all the files you need to check the video before you are going to export.
for more updates follow our channel and visit our pages in social media so that you will get a clarity about our demo videos.

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