Hello friends here comes the beautiful and very attractive and a special difference child neon colourful lightning love proposing editing video for your request .

This is the most wanted editing video which is asked by most of the subscribers in my channel for love proposing.

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it is the best way of collecting all the beautiful templates and all the colourful effects in the editing video which will bring a lot of attraction and hot effect and a love feeling this editing video which will be perfectly and particularly suit for love .

1) neon heart video link:- Download

2) my baby lyrical video link:- Download

3)Rose PNG link:- Download

I had collected all the beautiful and attractive files by keeping all my efforts so make a a good perfect editing video by using this templates and all the required files which had used in a step-by-step process in the video so make a once look of the editing video so that you will get a clear guidelines of adding the templates and all the the files which I had used in a clear manner.

Make a attractive and a special wanted editing video for love.
This video is the best way that you had chosen to express your all the love feelings your girlfriend or boyfriend by using this video you will get a good impression on you and get a feeling of love proposal to them that is very attractive to look and feel special in this editing video by adding all the colourful neon effects in the kinemaster application.
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4) Avee player template link:- Download

5) Boder image link:- Download


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