Hi friends if you want to create this video then watch our video clearly and later start editing by using our tips which I had shown in the video .

New parrot Lyrical Editing Video, upload new status

How To Create Easily

So make a perfect editing which makes the video extraordinarily .
Express your sad emotional feeling by using our guidelines which makes the video amazingly.
Impress your girlfriend by using this video tips and make a sad love lyrical what’s app status video edit with kinemaster application .
Use the kinemaster application , it is the best app which has a beautiful effects that makes your heart feel light .
Edit this video and post this video in social media for getting more craze in your pages .

Use the app for best editing features .
Next select the white background which has an effective effects .
Next add the template that has a fantastic frame .
In that you can add your images that it will gives a perfect sad emotion that makes your heart feel sad .
Next add the text broken heart .
Next add the lyrical video that has a colourful effect that makes you really sad.

lyrical video link:- Download

Next add the template and set to screen by using the blending option and select the multiple option .
After you had added all those files once recheck whether you had added all the required files which makes the video in to next level .


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