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Hi guys if you are very interested to create this video then download all the links provided in a link given below add step by step before that you need to watch your video clearly so that you will get your perfection in the video.

Also try, how to create best love Lyrical Editing Status Video Template, click here

How To Create Birthday Wishes Editing Using New Template

So for creating this video you need the kinemaster application if you are not having this application then download from the link provided in the description.

1) happy birthday template link:- Download
Follow our process to get a clear idea about the video which I had edited.
firstly you need to add background image so that you it will helps to add the back layers to the video.
Next add the images of your girlfriend or your friends which you need to tell wishes for them.
Next add the templates which will give special look to the video.
Add the lyrical video of the birthday it will give special look to the video on will gives a good meaning to the video.
Mixture the birthday wishes text which will give same birthday look to the video.
After adding all those files make some adjustments to look the video perfectly.
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2) colourFull video link:- Download

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