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Hi friends if you want to create this video you need to make sure that you had collected all the files by using the links provided below add step by step to get your perfect look and get a special surprise to your friend from your side.

Also try, how to edit girlfriend birthday party Lyrical Editing, click here

How To Create New Trendy Birthday Editing

So far creating this video you need to use kinemaster application .
It is the best source to create the editing videos in easy manner and will helps to add the templates images and all the specific features in the application will give se trendy look and getting more update from this technical world.

1) happy birthday template link:- Download

As technology increasing day by day the people who are living in the world will getting more trendy by using the smart appliances and applications which will make their work as smart as they can do.
So this is one of the smart’s method which will continue in this modern world.
tell the birthday wishes to your friend by creating this editing video by your own by keeping your efforts in the video the output will be a a exact as you think in your brain and also be like our demo video which I had posted in the Instagram , Facebook.
you need to add the template and the special effects with the lyrical video which will suits the situation that will sinks to the way that you treated your friendship as strong as you feel.

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