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Hi guys if you are very much interested to create this video then you need to collect the files which I had given in a link in a simple manner download it an ad step by step and get a perfect editing video by your own by keeping your efforts and parts in the video.

Special birthday party Editing Status, click here

How To Create Love Lyrical Editing Status Video Template

So far , creating this video you need kinemaster application most of the people are very much worried about the kinemaster is asking the premium so don’t worry here is the link that I have provided in the description download from it and enjoy the application by creating more trendy videos for your warm with the files which I will give you a perfect look and a good feeling in the video.

1) avee player template link:- Download

2) lyrical video link:- Download

You need to use the templates lyrical videos and trendy effects that will gives a perfect editing video by your own.
Take my channel is a guidelines and create your perfect editing video by your own to get a trendy look and make your love success in the way of your style with the creation of this video.
For more trendy effects use the effects that you like in the kinemaster application which will definitely suits your way of thinking and definitely loved by your partner or your girlfriend
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