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New Your Love Failure Lyrical WhatsApp status video Editing

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This latest kinemaster app editing. Through this post you can create your love failure whatsapp status. You can Editing this method at free of cost in Android mobile. This App available in playstore get now. Next you need some files to make video very beautifully.

The app files also inserted in this app.

Shake love lyrical editing, how to create

How to your love failure lyrical WhatsApp status video editing in kinemaster

Now open Kinemaster app, make sure your internet connection before start. Now go to media option upload file from the local storage which you saved already in your device.

Set screen duration, now it’s time to add second file, set in correct position, next third file, add all files and arrange in a order.

1) background blue image link:- Download

2) lyrics video link:- Download

3) background video link:- Download

Finally you have done half of the editing. Add some additional symbols to your editing, gives better look.

4) butterfly video link:- Download

5) Boder image link:- Download

All done, start export save in your mobile, set as a whatsapp. Thanks

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