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How to create shake effect love Status video edit in App

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Hi friends, welcome to our new editing. This editing have some special features added. Check our demo to know what are they. If you want create similar one using your gallery images, you have to download material files, of you have already any files you can use them.

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How to create shake effect love status video edit in kinemaster

I have created my editing Using kinemaster app, this app providing many features to get edit convinently. If you don’t know how to edit, check our previous tutorials.

Now I will explain the process of new shake love effects. We are creating crazy editing for your whatsapp status.

1) background song link:- Download

2) Avee player template link:- Download

We are given 3 material links use them in kinemaster one by one. If you get any doubts, check our tutorial.

3) Boder image link:- Download
If you want any Editing, please ask us in comments section. As well share your opinion about this editing.

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