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Full Screen Girl Highlights Lyrical Editing For WhatsApp Status On Android

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Would like to highlight your girlfriend in different way, look at this way, gives very much anxiety and superb editing on android phone. To create as same creation follow full page. Now yoy want to create it using different template and materials.

Also try, how to create love lyrical Editing, Click here

How To Highlight Your Girl Friend

If you real love her, you will definitely send her after creation. I’m help you to create thos wonderful love Lyrical Editing.

First download given materials.

Now you have to start creating on your android phone, use kinemaster app. Open the app and select full screen because today our video full screen Editing.

1) background image link:- Download

First upload background image, now drag and set length.

2) lyrical video link:- Download

Second file upload at last step.

3) love particle video link:- Download

third fiel upload as a second file.

4) Boder image link:- Download.

Upload border image, now all files uploaded. Set them in correct place and export.

Now you can send as a whatsapp message or set as a whatsapp status. Thanks.

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