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Hi guys if you are very much interested to create this video then you need to make sure that you need to know all the files which are added in the video you must add the files in a correct manner so that we will get a video in a perfect outlook.

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How To Create This New Perfect Attitude Editing For Whatsapp

For this you need to to download the files in the link provided below and watch your video so that you will get a clarity how to add all the files and how to use the basic tools that are in the kinemaster application.

1) background powerstar video link:- Download

2) fire effect to video link:- Download

3) colourful smoke video link:- Download

If you want to show your attitude to someone else then this video is perfect choice for you this is the best editing video which will helps to show your attitude to someone which you are not able to see them.

so start editing by using our guidelines and our process to make the video in the easy manner and with the clarity.
So you need to download the files which I had said previously by using this files you need to do the video in a exact manner as shown in the video.
use the templates and images and some effective files with lyrical video which will gives a complete and finishing look to the video.
make a perfect reading video by using our guidelines which will show all your attitude Ness to your haters and you will get popular in social media when you post this video.
I hope all you guys understood how to create this video if you had any doubts regarding this video once watch our video again and get a clarity and complete the editing video by using our guidelines and our tips that had shown in the video.

4) nife green screen video link:- Download

5) lyrical video link:- Download

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